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Teri Coyne’s debut novel, The Last Bridge (Ballantine Trade Paperback; 2010) is a dark, edgy portrayal of one family’s ongoing cycle of repression and rage. After a ten-year absence, Alex ‘Cat” Rucker returns to her Ohio hometown because of a letter left on her mother’s kitchen table—a suicide note, carefully preserved in a Ziploc® bag, that reads, ‘He isn’t who you think he is. Love, Mom.”

Thus opens this gripping debut novel from author Teri Coyne, who, with wry humor and sharp wit, follows Alex’s journey through the traumatic experiences of her youth and the haze of her adult life.

While Alex tries to repress the memories of her brutal childhood—an abusive father, her estranged (and possibly illegitimate) brother, and the first love who would do anything to save her—she must face just how shattered she still is. At each step Alex confronts her biggest fears, realizes the impact of her choices, and inches closer to redemption. Can she embrace her vulnerabilities, talents, and desire for love, or will the revelations of her mother’s cryptic note prove too overwhelming for her to bear?

The Last Bridge is a perfect blend of suspense, despair, and romance—and at its heart lies the question: are we a product of our experiences or our choices?

Teri’s short bio

Former stand-up comedian, Teri Coyne is the an exciting new voice whose dark, edgy, page-turning debut novel The Last Bridge (Ballantine Trade Paperback; 2010) delves into the lengths one woman will travel to escape her past. The Last Bridge has garnered critical praise from from Publishers Weekly, Kirkus Reviews, Booklist, and The Huntington News. It was also recommended by The Daily Beast, and LA Times.

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