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Welcome. My name is Teri Coyne and I am a fiction writer. If you were a visitor at my house I would offer you a drink, take your coat and show you around. While I can't do the first two, I can certainly show you around and insist that you make yourself at home.

If you have come to learn more about my novel, The Last Bridge, please click the link below and take a glimpse into the world of my main character, Alex (Cat) Rucker. Maybe you are here to find out more about me, in which case, have at it. If you landed here by accident, take a gander before returning on your journey. As my guest I have only one request ... Leave a note

Cover - The Last Bridge

the last bridge

Alex Rucker is forced to return home after ten years when her mother commits suicide and leaves her a note that says, “he is not who you think he is...”
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Having A Gratitude Attitude
It is not an easy thing to be grateful for everything in your life. It requires a little perspective, an understanding of how all events, people and emotions are interconnected and most of all it requires the act of getting your head out of your . . .
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